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::Bugando Medical Centre

Once again Bugando Medical Centre received 20 tons of Cement which is equivalent to 5 million shillings (TSH 5,000,000) from TPB bank (Tanzania Postal Bank) for the construction of oncology ward which was handed over by the CEO of TPB Bank Mr. Sabasaba Moshingi on 16th April 2021

Hon. John Mongella thanked TPB Bank for their contribution and asked the other citizens to follow the example of TPB Bank. He also thanked the leadership of Bugando Medical Centre for their good services and the construction of oncology ward. “When the construction will be completed it will reduce the travelling costs of patients due to lack of accommodation when they come for treatment”, he said

The acting Director General of Bugando Medical Centre Dr.Fabian Massaga said Lakezone has many cancer patients. Bugando Medical Centre has the challenge of patients lacking accommodation, so the construction of oncology ward will help the patients to get medication at the right time.

He also added that the construction of oncology ward will cost 5.4 Billion,Up to now the construction has reached 26%. He thanked the government that recently is on power for contributing one Billion,the stakeholders,companies,institutions and citizens who contributed for the construction without forgetting Bugando Medical Centre staffs for contributing 25,000,000TSH and the hospital for contributing 1 Billion

Dr.Pastory Mondea the chairman of the fundraising committee thanked TPB Bank and handed them the certificate of Appreciation. He also called upon the citizen and various stakeholders to continue contributing for the construction of oncology ward as it is on its second phase.